• Don’t know where to start with your website?
    Need help with copywriting?
    Get inspired by The Digital Spark!

    I enjoy creating a unique web presence for small businesses & organizations. By listening to client needs, I can develop the design & web architecture that will appeal both to an organization & its patrons.

    My clients have the added bonus of having a writer on-hand to assist with editing and/or producing copy for print, broadcast or web purposes.

    I have work experience in the following areas:

    • web design & front-end programming
    • copywriting for print, radio & television
    • special events management & fundraising
    • teaching & writing curriculum materials

    My experience is backed by an extensive education. I have:

    • an M.A. Journalism and a B. Ed.
    • a post-graduate certificate in Interactive Multimedia

    For more information, please contact Bernadette Navarro at info@thedigitalspark.com.

  • Web & Design Services Copywriting Services

    I can offer the following services:

    • web design & programming
    • site "facelifts"
    • logo designs
    • banner ads
    • copywriting & editing

    I can produce or edit copy for:

    • media releases
    • public service announcements
    • promotional videos
    • newspaper ads
    • print articles
    • brochures
    • newsletters
    • curriculum materials

    To view samples of my work, please visit the "Portfolio Highlights" section of this site.
    Don't see what you need on either list? Send me an e-mail with specifics & I'm sure I can help you out!

  • Design Samples
    Results Body Studio Results Body Studio
    • Web Design
    • Programming
    • Logo Design
    Scraps of Joy Scraps of Joy
    • Web Design
    • Programming
    Currently undergoing a site re-design
    • Banner Ads
    Sample Logo & Font Design
    Copywriting SamplesIn-touch Newsletter [2 MB PDF],
       In-formative Parenting

    Fostering a Culture of Parenting,
       The Parenting Alliance

    Keeping Cool [222 K PDF],
       Canadian Space Agency

    Working in Space [532 K PDF]
       Canadian Space Agency

    Balloon Space Suits [163 K PDF]
       Canadian Space Agency

    The Right Attitude [345 K PDF]
       Goodwill EKL (Sarnia Observer)
    Click on a thumbnail or link to view portfolio highlights.

  • FAQs about Web and Design Services
    How do we get started?

    To get a complete understanding of what’s required, all clients are asked to complete a questionnaire to help me understand their needs, goals, deadlines and target audience.

    Next, I provide a quote, based on the initial consultation. (Web quotes would include estimates for programming and design, along with a list of costs outside of my services such as domain registration and hosting.)

    Once details are determined and the fee is approved, work can begin. For web clients, a site design document is produced. It includes the design layouts for pages that are significantly different in appearance, as well as details regarding navigation and functionality. Site building begins when this document is approved.

    What are your fees?

    FOR WEB PROJECTS: Fees are quoted on a per project basis. After a site is built and paid for, any new pages or additional special features needed after the initial build (e.g. photo gallery, rotating ads) will require a new quote. Fees for web updates/maintenance are charged based on the time worked. (e.g. Maintenance fees are $30/hour. A client will only be charged $15 if 30 minutes of maintenance is required.)

    FOR COPYWRITING: For short-term projects or one-offs, fees are quoted on a per project basis. This includes up to three drafts. Long-term writing assignments are charged on an hourly basis.

    What is the payment schedule?

    FOR WEB PROJECTS: Once a client approves the web design and quote, 50% of the cost of the site is due. Upon completion of the site, and prior to the site going live, the remaining 50% is due.

    FOR COPYWRITING: Once a client signs an agreement, a 50% deposit is required. Upon completion of the work, and prior to you receiving the final draft, the remaining 50% is due.

    Payment can be made by cheque or via Paypal.

    Click on a question to view the answer. For more information, contact me at info@thedigitalspark.com.