Literacy Tips
If you're looking for some ideas on helping your child read more fluently or to build his/her comprehension or sight word vocabulary, then you can access some PDF files from this page. All PDF files will open in a new browser window. All you need is Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can download for free by clicking on the button at right.

You can also check out the literacy links on the Web Links page.

Word Families

These are word families that will help your child to spell, rhyme and decode new words. This is a very large file, so it may take a few minutes to download and open.

Home Reading Guide

This guide, provided by OECTA, is for parents who are interested in creating a reading environment in the home. This is a large file, so it may take a few minutes to open.

7 Keys to Comprehension

This one-page document offers ideas and strategies to help your child comprehend what s/he is reading.

Fix-Up Comprehension Strategies

This one-page document complements the preceding document. It provides ways for children to help solve any comprehension problems.

Literacy Tips

This one-page document provides ideas on how to help your child decode words, comprehend what s/he's reading and improve fluency.

Games You Can Try

This two-page document provides ideas on games you can play with your child to build his/her letter and number recognition, and sight word vocabulary.
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