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Store Closing

It is with some sadness that I make the announcement that Scraps of Joy will be closing late September 2011.

Since May of 2003, I have had the privilege of serving the scrapbooking needs of this area and beyond. I have many, many loyal customers who have long ago become "friends". I shall miss the day to day stories, inspiration and knowledge that you shared with me. I thank each of you for making this adventure so much fun.

From day one, I have had talented staff, each with their own area of expertise, and I thank them for sharing this journey with me. I thank my husband, John, for his never ending support of this "scrapbooking habit", my daughter, Tamara, for encouraging me to do this and my sister, Emily, who has always been there to help me "get it done". Above all I thank God that I was able to have this opportunity to help each of you, in some way, preserve your precious family memories. Just friends helping friends. I do look forward with anticipation to the "retired" portion of my life that lies ahead. I expect to meet up with you at many everyday events and hopefully connect for some scrapbooking fun.

God bless each of you who have walked this part of my life with me.